Enlightened dominates Cebu City, EXO5 Anomaly Asia-Pacific Satellite City

An XM anomaly is again held in the Philippines, this time in the Queen City of the South, Cebu City. The Enlightened Philippines brought forces from different cities in the country as well as players from the South East Asia Foreign Legion, and those coming all the way from Europe and the US to participate in EXO5 Cebu. Fresh from the global victory from the 13 Magnus Reawakens series, the agents holding the green torch once again took over the Resistance in Cebu with a score of 227.21 (92.4%):22.79 (7.6%), sweeping all three phases of the anomaly on 04 November 2017.

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NL-1331 XM Experimental Research Mission Manila

BGC. ENLPH Agents pose together with the van at the end of the meetup.

The XM Detection Vehicle, also known as November Lima, has been reported travelling in different cities worldwide; setting out for its mission yet unknown. After its journey across the United States, the XM Research continues in the Eastern part of the globe where it was spotted for the first time in South East Asia. Rumor has it that the NL-1331P was deployed with the latest tools to monitor any abnormalities in the XM activities and to facilitate research on the portal interactions with the diverse and dynamic eastern region. The tests were carried out in 7 different cities in the Philippines. Agents seen around the NL-1331P confirmed multiple Klue dead drops.

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