5Peat! ENLPH wins Darsana Prime Quezon City

On Feb 23, 2019, Quezon City, along with 8 other cities across the globe, was venue to Day 1 of the Darsana Prime Ingress XM Anomaly. Enlightened Philippines (ENL PH) rallied local agents and international allies to fight for their 5th straight win over the Resistance in the country. A new format was introduced for the series wherein competitions were simultaneously measured nine (9) times throughout the 3-hour anomaly window. The battle begun at 3PM and ended at 6PM followed by a photo op and agent stats game at the University of the Philippines Quezon Hall steps. The events of the anomaly were as follows:

There are two (2) competitions measured simultaneously during the anomaly: Capture Battle and the Longest Exponential Path in addition to the Artifact Collection and the Overlay/Unique Anomaly Portal Hacks which were measured only at the end. Throughout the 3-hour gameplay, agents were spread out to execute their faction’s strategies and earn points. Capture battle tallied faction control over portals during measurements. All anomaly zone portals were in play and a fraction of them were marked as ‘volatiles’ and were given more value. Most of the portals were controlled by the Enlightened and they scored 75.8 vs 24.23 for the Resistance.

One of the two new competition formats, the Longest Exponential Path, aimed to create the longest continuous path of up to 8 links from their Faction’s designated starting portal. Link distance was measured and added up. Multipliers were given starting from the 2nd link (x=distance; 2x = 2nd link, 3x = 3rd link, … 8x=8th link). Given the Enlightened’s advantage over portal controls, they also succeeded to own this competition scoring 94.1 vs 5.92 for the Resistance.

The other new format introduced ‘artifacts’ which were acquired by hacking specifically marked portals. There are 6 different artifact sets and the goal is to have more completed sets against the other faction. Each unique complete set per agent were counted. Due to the complexity of artifact availability and distribution, only few Enlightened agents managed to complete a set vs none for the Resistance giving the former a full 100 points. As per the Overlay challenge, the Resistance were able to earn 75 points for unique portal hacks vs 0 for the Enlightened. This however did not tip the scale for the Resistance and the anomaly ended with Enlightened winning.

The scores were ENL 269.85 and RES 105.15, counting the 5th straight win of the Enlightened in the Philippines. Overall, Darsana Prime Day 1 ended with ENL: 6 and RES: 7. There is still hope for the Enlightened as the battle continues March 23. You can help your faction by participating as ground agents, rechargers, and/or operators. Message Ingress Enlightened Philippines on Facebook for more details.

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