City of Manila Hosts Ingress Mission Day

Last August 12, 2017 the City of Manila hosted a Mission Day; the fourth so far for the Philippines. The event was sponsored by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) of the Department of Tourism (DOT), National Parks Development Committee (NPDC), and the Intramuros Administration in line with the country’s celebration of National Heroes Day and […]

Linked Lives 2016

Ingress is not just a game. It has brought people together from all walks of life – within countries and across continents. People with strong hopes for humanity. As a way of giving back to the society, the Enlightened Ladies from 18 cities in 12 countries seek to uplift the state of humanity through our […]

Operation: Jade Dragon

The Philippines woke up on a green Sunday morning with ENL PH setting up new milestones for agents and contributing yet again to massive global scale scoring. ENL PH contributed to the global score of 7.4 BILLION with 4 billion MUs reaching checkpoint. New national records were broken: Longest link ever created record holders from […]

Operation: Subida

1.4 Billion Mind Units (New PHL Record) Enlightened Philippines • 15 Aug 2015 Go big or go  home! Our heartfelt thoughts go to fallen agent CyanogenMOD who passed away in his sleep the night after the operation. Moar stats: 1,851,827,068 Mind Units captured (grand total) 362,110 Km² covered 15 new onyx illuminators Credits: a9123326 aces Achillesej […]


Enlightened Philippines (a.k.a. Enl PH)  has had a host of achievements in its run since creation during the beta days.  One of the most notable, which happened on May 11, 2013, is [Operation Encapsulation] which gave the Enlightened 102m MU and shook the entire Ingress world. On that day, the global score was E133.5m(~85%) vs […]

Achievement List

Local Record: First L8 and L16 player – Encapsulation First to make the L5-L8 Enlightened Portal in the Philippines First to maximize L8 portal link – Las Casas to Palo Leyte, ~630 km First countrywide field to cover Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao during the #Cassandra Anomaly. (See attached screenshot) 881 million MU ops 1.4 billion MU […]

Enlightened Philippines: The Northern Expedition

The 1,300 Km scouting expedition that turned into a counter-ops that netted us 6 million MUs vs 4 million MUs from the enemy. This is the expedition that paved way to Ops Boomerang that got 33 million MUs for the Enlightened. Even featured by Google and Niantic community manager: Brandon Badger