ENLPH Secures Sixth Win in Baguio Echo Anomaly

The beautiful City of Baguio, situated in the mountains of northern Luzon, recently hosted an adrenaline-pumping Ingress XM Anomaly event. On April 22, 2023, local and visiting players from the Enlightened and Resistance factions gathered in the city to engage in this strategic battle. When the day ended, the Enlightened emerged as the triumphant victors. […]

Echo Anomaly – Baguio City, Philippines

Hold on to your scanners, Enlightened Agents! The City of Pines is about to experience some serious XM flux! That’s right, an Ingress Anomaly is inbound to Baguio City, and it’s sure to be a berry sweet event. Get ready to hack, glyph, and field your way through the beautiful streets and chilly mountain air. […]

Win the anomaly in style!

Buy items now and show your support for our faction! We can only accept item orders until tomorrow, January 31. We’d also like to announce our after party venue, Kenny Roger’s Roasters! You can order your food in our store. More details in the after party page. Visit our swag shop at store.enl.ph

ENLPH Supports 13MAGNUS Reawakens XM Anomaly

The #13MagnusReawakens XM Anomaly Series has recently concluded and the Enlightened emerged victorious over the Resistance with the global score of 11.5:8.5. The Enlightened Philippines showed support in the global cause of the faction which led to more camaraderie.