ENLPH Discoverie Reclaimer Challenge

Are you ready to reclaim the Machina Portals and win exciting prizes? Join us in the Discoverie Reclaimer Challenge and show your dedication as an ENL PH agent!

How to join

  • The challenge is open to ENL agents in the Philippines.
  • Reclaim 100 or more Machina Portals during the operation timeframe from November 19 to December 15, 2023. Make sure to challenge yourself and have fun!
  • Once you have reclaimed 100 Machina portals, submit your stats to @gs2qstatsbot on Telegram to enter the raffle for a chance to win prizes. The deadline for submission is December 16, 12:00 noon (GMT+8).
  • Use the hashtag #DiscoverieReclaimerChallenge to share your progress and achievements with other agents.


The following prizes will be raffled among the eligible agents:


A total of 18 agents reclaimed 100 or more Machina portals. The following were qualified for the drawing:

  • CA25118
  • hindiakoeasyboy
  • FifteenStar
  • IntelliDumB
  • EvilC0rp
  • DawnSummer
  • xXXxghastlyxXXx
  • styxmyx
  • RizzardOfOhms
  • Alpaalgbm
  • Neodes
  • audlex14
  • Chinononoy29
  • CramorantENL
  • dawandatgataway
  • AlphaOrion21
  • ENLxMekusMekusNaYan

The names were submitted in a duck race, the prizes were assigned from 1 to 4.


1 1 Very Rare Load Out
2 K 2022 Badge
3 Klue 2022 Badge
4 Kodamasmiles 2017 Badge

The winners based on ranking are as follows:

  1. Very Rare Load Out Card – RizzardOfOhms
  2. K 2022 Badge – Neodes
  3. Klue 2022 Badge – CramorantENL
  4. Kodamasmiles 2017 Badge – IntelliDumB

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