Operation: Jade Dragon

The Philippines woke up on a green Sunday morning with ENL PH setting up new milestones for agents and contributing yet again to massive global scale scoring. ENL PH contributed to the global score of 7.4 BILLION with 4 billion MUs reaching checkpoint. New national records were broken: Longest link ever created record holders from […]

Operation: Subida

1.4 Billion Mind Units (New PHL Record) Enlightened Philippines • 15 Aug 2015 Go big or go  home! Our heartfelt thoughts go to fallen agent CyanogenMOD who passed away in his sleep the night after the operation. Moar stats: 1,851,827,068 Mind Units captured (grand total) 362,110 Km² covered 15 new onyx illuminators Credits: a9123326 aces Achillesej […]