NL-1331 XM Experimental Research Mission Manila

BGC. ENLPH Agents pose together with the van at the end of the meetup.

The XM Detection Vehicle, also known as November Lima, has been reported travelling in different cities worldwide; setting out for its mission yet unknown. After its journey across the United States, the XM Research continues in the Eastern part of the globe where it was spotted for the first time in South East Asia. Rumor has it that the NL-1331P was deployed with the latest tools to monitor any abnormalities in the XM activities and to facilitate research on the portal interactions with the diverse and dynamic eastern region. The tests were carried out in 7 different cities in the Philippines. Agents seen around the NL-1331P confirmed multiple Klue dead drops.

Subic. ENLPH agents find Klue deaddrops at Subic Bay.

On Day 1, the vehicle was spotted North of Manila; in Subic, Clark, and Malolos, visiting scenic ports and old churches along its way. The first run of the NL-1331P made a buzz in the Ingress community and intrigued more agents to intercept with its route. Media posts revealed that it would continue its research in the Philippines for 2 more days in identified venues.

Alabang. Agents pose together with the van found roaming in Alabang.

On its second day, it drove South to Kawit, Los BaƱos, and Alabang taking in the history and culture of the country and its people.

BGC. Agents from all over the world attend NL1331 meetup in the Philippines.

Invitations for its last stop in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City on its third day was attended by more than 200 participants. Agents gathered with their best in-game stats battling to gain different character badges and giveaways for their contribution in the portal network.

The NL-1331P was seen the next day in Quezon Memorial Circle gracing the Ingress Mission Day Quezon City. It was the last sighting of the van and no further news was heard of its whereabouts after the said event.

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