Operation: Jade Dragon

The Philippines woke up on a green Sunday morning with ENL PH setting up new milestones for agents and contributing yet again to massive global scale scoring.

Op: Jade Dragon GIF

ENL PH contributed to the global score of 7.4 BILLION with 4 billion MUs reaching checkpoint.

New national records were broken:

  • Longest link ever created record holders from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao at 3,903 Km
  • Largest Control Field on a single field at 930 Million MUs
  • Agents from ENL PH joining the Billionaire’s MU club

Jade Dragon Iloilo Team

Thanks to the dedication of agents – from brilliant operators, to stealthy and lone sweeping teams, down to amazing race runner fielders – Op: Jade Dragon was completed on Sept 20, 2015 with anchors in Bhutan and Harbin in massive coordination with international agents from China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Bhutan, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

List of local agents:
@aces, @amski, @BantaySalakay, @boycoolit, @BryndenRivers, @buffer, @claune, @COLOZEUS, @flipsideyabie, @ilLunggoy, @GoddessHERA, @mmstarr, @omang, @silversakura, @yabie

Field Created! Mind Units!


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