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Latest Posts

Operation: Subida

1.4 Billion Mind Units (New PHL Record) Enlightened Philippines • 15 Aug 2015 Go big or go  home! Our heartfelt thoughts go to fallen agent CyanogenMOD who passed away in his sleep the night after the operation. Moar stats: 1,851,827,068 Mind Units captured (grand total) 362,110 Km² covered 15 new onyx illuminators Credits: a9123326 aces Achillesej […]


Enlightened Philippines (a.k.a. Enl PH)  has had a host of achievements in its run since creation during the beta days.  One of the most notable, which happened on May 11, 2013, is [Operation Encapsulation] which gave the Enlightened 102m MU and shook the entire Ingress world. On that day, the global score was E133.5m(~85%) vs […]

Operation: REPRESENT!!!

PHILIPPINES REPRESENT!  On 5 April 2014, Philippine agents woke up to a green dawn as the enlightened once again went against all odds to capture 881 Million mind units all anchored in major tourist kick-off sites in the country. Aiming for a nobler cause than just MU-control, Enlightened Philippines would like to take this opportunity […]