Enlightened Philippines (a.k.a. Enl PH)  has had a host of achievements in its run since creation during the beta days. 
One of the most notable, which happened on May 11, 2013, is [Operation Encapsulation] which gave the Enlightened 102m MU and shook the entire Ingress world. On that day, the global score was E133.5m(~85%) vs R24.5m(~15%). This was the first ever operation to breach the 100m MU mark and the first operation to use the multi-fielding techniques now used by almost every op since then.
Despite being outnumbered by the local resistance, the faction has steadily improved and achieved a few local milestones:
-Northern Expedition (first mega ops blocking/counter ops)
-Ops Boomerang (the ninja ops)
-Ops REPRESENT (881m MU ops – record still unbroken by local res)
-#Lighthouse (first international ops joined by local agents)
-Ops Matahari (in conjunction with global enlightened got 100% coverage of Philippines)
-Ops Subida (1.4b + 400m MU ops + 100+ local agents = ops to break own record)
-First to send contigent to international anomaly (and win!)
-No shards lost to local res (shard in/out at 100%)
-First L8 players (beta)
-First L16 player (extended levels)
-First L8 portal (Easter 8)
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